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Icon disambig.svg This article is about Southern gang. For a sewer animal, see Rat. For the quest in The Witcher, see The Rat.

The Rats were a gang (or "Hanza") of criminals destroyed by Leo Bonhart. Killing almost all its members, the bounty hunter spared Ciri, for whom he had a separate, special contract. The group formed during the Lammas celebration in the village of Glyswen in Geso. Its ringleader was Giselher. Known for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, they were loved by poor Nilfgaardian citizens and farmers.

They met at the Festival of the Harvest. Grim, black-haired, lanky Giselher. Thin, long-haired Kayleigh, with his malevolent eyes and mouth set in a hateful grimace. Reef, who still spoke in a Nilfgaardian accent. Tall, long legged Mistle, with cropped, straw-coloured hair sticking up like a brush. Big eyed and colourful Iskra, lithe and ethereal in the dance, quick and lethal in a fight, with her narrow lips and small, elven teeth. Broad-shouldered Asse with fair, curly down on his chin.

Giselher became the leader. And they christened themselves the Rats. Someone had called them that and they took a liking to it.

They plundered and murdered, and their cruelty became legendary.
— pg(s). 327 – 328, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

The band also became fashion icons for the rich youth of Thurn in particular.

With the exception of Ciri, the Rats were buried in Jealousy, the village in which they were slaughtered. Its members included:



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