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Report for Thaler
Tw2 questitem reportforthaler.png
SI Earwig's report
Book / Quest item
corpse of one of Dmitri's men
Price to sell
1 oren(s)
weight 0

Associated Quest[]

Journal entry[]

Report for the Temerian Secret Service
I've no idea who's the worse liar: Loredo or his kin, Merse, brought here to the office of Castellan after the scandal in Vizima. Not one thing in their reports is true. Dmitri is alive, the elves are well off, Iorveth has not left and has even made a deal with some witcher. Furthermore, it seems Loredo brought some remnants of the Salamandra here, to traffic in fisstech for him, as if the money he gets from fraud is not enough. The question of why the Commander isn't afraid of the capital's wrath begs an answer. Even excluding the fact that Loredo uses the chaos caused by Foltest's death to his advantage, he is plotting high treason. I've no idea what his goal is and I've no intention of finding out. Send a real spy here - it doesn't suit my nerves.
SI Earwig