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Resolute girl
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the resolute girl
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The Resolute girl is the first person that Geralt meets after "arriving" in at the lakeside near Murky Waters. She is a fountain of information for the witcher and fills him in on all the goings-on in the village, all the silly carrying on about the wedding. She also tells him about the funny fishman and how he guards the altar to the Lady of the Lake. She mentions that he is usually jolly, but is sometimes driven away from his post by evil fishmen.

In Chapter IV she can be found almost any time, usually skipping merrily, between the landing and the Lady of the Lake's altar. When those evil fishmen come, she hides under the Fisher King's hut.

In the Epilogue, she is found in the safe house, where she is apparently talking the ears off poor Vetala.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Resolute girl is one of the consistent favourites with fans of the game.
  • She is the one to tell Geralt when the friendly vodyan priest returns to his post.

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