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Fortress or keep

Book illustration by Jana Komárková

Rissberg Castle is built into the side of Cremora mountain. It is described as a small castle, of average size, hugging the rock face. Its walls are bright which contrasts with the surrounding evergreen forest. The castle has two quadrangular towers, one taller than the other, neither of which was built for defense. The main gate which leads to the outer courtyard is magically protected and boasts a harpy's head which serves as a sort of intercom.

The inner courtyard, which is reached via a second gate resembling an amphisboena's maw, is deceptively large and contains a number of severe and unsightly buildings sprewing sulphur and ammonia from their various chimneys.

The castle proper is a center for mages and not under the control of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers. Eighteen masters and more than fifty adepts and apprentices reside there, with a variety of experiments, from which various prototypes have emerged, including combat units, elixirs, as well as artificially-created or genetically-engineered creatures.

Outside the walls is a small market town which is particularly busy on Wednesdays.