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Fortress or keep

Royal Palace of Vizima
Throne room, screenshot from "The Witcher 3"
Inner courtyard
Other names
Foltest's castle
Royal Quarter of Vizima[1]

The Royal Palace in Vizima is a castle that once served as the seat of power for Temeria's King Foltest and his court. It was built after the previous seat of Temerian monarchs was abandoned due to the presence of striga.

By the events of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the Emperor of Nilfgaard occupies it.

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

The Royal Palace in Vizima is a region in The Witcher 3, but limited to one location, the interior of the palace itself, including the courtyard. There is also a secret chamber in the north corner of the courtyard which is accessed by pressing a stone on one of the pillars on the perimeter of the courtyard.

Map description[]

One-time home of the kings of Temeria. Currently occupied by Nilfgaard.

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In The Witcher computer game[]

The castle was completed around the time when King Foltest's previous seat was taken over by a striga, the product of the ruler's incestuous affair with his own sister. Spacious stone halls, stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings indicate that dwarven engineering was employed here. Foltest is a very active ruler and often travels, though when in Vizima he usually occupies his chambers and generally remains at the castle with his modest court. In the throne room, the King grants audiences to his subjects, be they petitioners or trusted advisors.

Associated quests[]


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