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Loc Muinne houses three underground chambers or "rune rooms" that are key to removing the gargoyle presence as part of the quest "The Gargoyle Contract". One of three rooms also holds information relating to the Wild Hunt. Each room has a warded chest protected by one of twenty-four possible combinations of four runes on the wall or floor: animal rune, death rune, sky rune and time rune. In each room there will also be a page with a written hint for the correct order to extinguish the runes (see below). Extinguish the runes in the correct order and the chest will open. If you extinguish the runes incorrectly, you will either get burned, shocked, or poisoned. You can cast Quen to absorb the damage.

The Runes of Power series of books need to be purchased for you to decrypt the hints and magical signs.

Once the seals in all three rooms have been activated, return to Bras of Ban Ard for reward of 200 oren(s) and 150 XP.

Southeast rune room[]

Southeast rune room location

Chest contents[]

Northwest rune room[]

Northwest rune room location

When Geralt acquires the sword, he hears:

You hold the sword of Aramil, who defied his king's rule. The Lord of the Wild Hunt desires the gene of the Elder Blood. He seeks to fling open the gates between the worlds, so that terror and destruction may reign.
The King of the Hunt ordered me slain, and the wraiths born of his command assumed living form, pursuing me through the voids between the worlds for centuries.
I have arrived at Loc Muinne. Though tired, I know I will not rest. The riders of the Hunt draw near. On my back I can feel their deathly breath.

Chest contents[]

Northeast rune room[]

Northeast rune room location

This room is guarded by a golem.

Chest contents[]


Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

First encrypted rune combination[]

A doe's long shadow
The moon quietly moans
It is autumn already

Solution: Extinguish the runes in the following order: Animal/Sky/Death/Time

Second encrypted rune combination[]

Three field mice
Dance in a circle at dusk
Stars are like grain

Solution: Extinguish the runes in the following order: Animal/Death/Time/Sky

Third encrypted rune combination[]

Glittering fish
Dying on a fresco
Struck by lightning

Solution: Extinguish the runes in the following order: Animal/Time/Death/Sky

Fourth encrypted rune combination[]

Behold the comet
It is like a wolf in times of scarceness
An evil lullaby

Solution: Extinguish the runes in the following order: Sky/Animal/Time/Death

Fifth encrypted rune combination[]

Clouds are like bees
When bells ring

Solution: Extinguish the runes in the following order: Death/Sky/Animal/Time

Sixth encrypted rune combination[]

6th encrypted rune combination

On the dark sky
The beauty of a falcon's flight
Faster and Faster

Solution: Extinguish the runes in the following order: Sky/Death/Animal/Time