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Two rusalki from Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni PnP RPG. Illustration by Jarosław Musiał

Rusalki are river-dwelling cousins of dryads. They are sometimes called vilas although the latter are more closely associated with hills and forests. They have long, usually light-colored hair which they adorn with wreaths of flowers. They often wear sheer, flowing robes but they can also appear completely nude. Though usually silent, they are able to sing beautifully. They come out of the water at night to dance in moonlight.

They are said to lure men with their beautiful songs and then drown them. Other tales tell of them dancing men to the point of exhaustion and death.

In the short story "A Grain of Truth" Geralt initially believes Vereena is a rusalka. Upon finally meeting her, he comments:

"You're so like a rusalka that you could deceive anyone. All the more as you're a rare bird, black-haired one."
— pg(s). 62, "The Lesser Evil", in the collection The Last Wish (US edition)


In The Witcher computer game[]

  • In Murky Waters, a peasant will say: "Stay away from our Rusalkas" though there are none to be seen in the game.
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