Tw3 sailing.jpg
Geralt sailing in northern Skellige

Tw3 icon harbor.svg Tw3 icon boat.svg

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt can now sail boats. To use a boat, he must first board the vessel, then take the helm using the Tw2 control e.png .

To navigate, he can use Tw2 control w.png to move forward, Tw2 control a.png to steer towards the left (port) and Tw2 control d.png to steer to towards the right (starboard). He can also reverse by using Tw2 control s.png .

Running into obstacles will damage his vessel which is divided into six compartments. Once all six are damaged, the boat sinks.

You can Fast Travel while on a boat, but only to destinations accessible via a water route. To Fast Travel by boat, open the World Map panel while at the helm of a ship. You can travel to any point marked anchor symbol ( Tw3 icon harbor.svg ).

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