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Tw3 journal sarasti locked.png

Tw3 journal sarasti.png

Elven ruins beneath Byways
Vulnerable to
Devil's puffball bombs
Vampire oils
Ekimmara mutagen
Ekimmara hide
Rotting flesh
Vampire fang
Vampire saliva
Other loot
Ekimmara trophy
Bloed Aedd

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Bestiary entry[edit | edit source]

We dug out a chamber. There was a beast sleeping inside. We fell over the props to collapse the ceiling, but it must not have buried the monster...
Bytomir of Velen
Raiders of elven tombs either get rich quickly, or die trying. The Aen Seidhe's disintegrating temples and palaces hold priceless treasures, true, but within them many a foul monster waits in deep slumber. Such was the case in Byways, where a few peasants, unaware of the dangers they faced, awoke an unusually dangerous ekimmara.
The witcher knew this monster would be no easy kill. That the vampire would quickly regenerate, that its blows would cause heavy bleeding, that it was able to disappear into thin air. Yet he also knew he could overcome these advantages. He needed merely use the Yrden and Quen Signs and strike heavy blows. Oh, and avoid getting killed.
The vampire had already managed to kill several peasants and a patrol of heavily-armed Nilfgaardians. The list of victims would surely have grown even longer, had not Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf, happened to waltz into town.