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Treasure hunt
"Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Griffin Gear"
Tw3 armor grandmaster griffin gear.png
Treasure hunt
Blood and Wine
Suggested level
Valley of the nine
Fort Ussar Ruins
Mont Crane Castle
Lafargue or
Discovering any of the six diagrams
300 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / 6× diagrams
Master Master Master Master!

Journal entry[]

Our tale of diagrams for grandmaster level gear of the School of the Griffin is a sad one. But so be it, as not all tales need be happy. If you are curious to read on, you should start by knowing that it began long ago, when a certain witcher was summoned to Fort Ussar.
This witcher's name was Jerome, and the monster contract dangled before him had been nothing but a pretext designed to lure him. For Jerome's father had simply decided he wanted his son back, a son who had turned his back on his parents. The problem lay in the fact that Jerome had despised his father, who was a cruel madman despite claiming to have only the best intentions. Their meeting did not end well for either, and though in discovering its nature Geralt managed to assemble a full set of School of the Griffin grandmaster level diagrams, he could not help but recall a grim adage – that good intentions did, indeed, pave hell's floor.


Jerome's prison in Moreau's quarters, well hidden at Mont Crane Castle.


  • Geralt can exit the prison via back rock wall that is actually an illusion, to exit into a large monster den cave.