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Treasure hunt
"Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Manticore Gear"
Tw3 armor manticore gear.png
Treasure hunt
Blood and Wine
Suggested level
Bastoy Prison Ruins
Abandoned Temple
Murky Delve
Lake of Cleansing
Lafargue or
Find one of the diagrams exploring.
300 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / 6× diagrams
Master Master Master Master!
The Words of the Prophets Are Written on Sarcophagi

In this quest, Geralt's nature is tested: He must choose whether or not to save a village from kikimores or grab a pile of treasure and also whether or not to give alms to beggars. He also encounters some bruxae.

Journal entry[]

Only once in his life had Geralt ever seen armor made from diagrams hailing from the School of the Manticore. What's more, said suit had been incomplete and, truth be told, the worse for wear. So when the opportunity arose to assemble Manticore gear, and at a grandmaster level to boot, the witcher did not hesitate a moment before setting off in search of what was required.
I venture to say none would have expected these diagrams' owner, the witcher Merten, to convert honestly and truly to the creed embodied in the Prophet Lebioda. Geralt retraced Merten's story and stopped to think how perverse fate could sometimes prove. But he considered the matter but a brief moment, for he had in hand a complete set of diagrams needed to craft gear of the School of the Manticore, and he could now take the drawings to the right craftsman.


The cave where Lebioda once stayed[]

  • Remember to seek moderation in all things, in drink and vittles and the pleasures of the flesh, for whosoever shall abuse these pleasures shall awake the next morn in great pain, with a pounding head and a wilted member.
  • Do not unto thy neighbor what thou thyself deemest unpleasant, unless thy neighbor hath done thee sorely wrong and rife with vileness were his deeds.
  • Thou shalt always speak the truth, unless the truth is not well-served by being spoken, in which case, thou shalt lie.
  • Verily I say unto you: give alms to the poor. Yet deposit not a whole watermelon upon a beggar's lap, but merely half, lest the beggar's joy strike him with apoplexy.


  • Not giving the beggars alms, and not helping the man in distress at the Murky Delve cave, does not seem to change the outcome of the encounter with the Mystery Man, that reminds Geralt of the Prophet Lebioda. But choosing the "bad" paths will make it more difficult to get to the final diagram.
  • You can avoid fighting bruxae in the Murky Delve cave. One of them doesn't attack unless you approach her. Another bruxa remains non aggressive in either case and you can even talk to her when her caption changes to "Bruxa" (you can get to that ledge using the second passage from the cage with beggars).
  • Both bruxae disappear after you reach the Mystery Man and visions dissipate, so they could be part of the induced visions.