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Treasure hunt
"Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear"
Treasure hunt
Suggested level
Amavet Fortress Ruins
White Orchard cemetery
White Orchard
Witcher Kolgrim's Letter or Interrogation Report
2 diagrams:

Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear is the first of several scavenger hunts for lost Witcher crafting diagrams and gear.

Journal entry[]

While travelling the downtrodden lands of Velen and the former Temerian border regions, Geralt found clues about the location of a set of diagrams for crafting legendary equipment once worn by the Viper School of witchers. Motivated by curiosity and the prospect of acquiring these priceless objects, he decided to pursue this lead.
After a short investigation Geralt managed to acquire diagrams for every element of the Viper School's famous equipment. He also learned the tragic story of Kolgrim, a fellow witcher who died while trying to escape after being unjustly incarcerated for kidnapping a beekeeper's son.


  • Find diagrams for all the elements of the Viper School gear (2)
  • Read the report
  • Search the castle ruins
  • Find Kolgrim's remains
  • Read Kolgrim's letter


  • In White Orchard cemetery you may experience a bug: the door to the crypt (not the one you smash with Aard above, but the one below) may remain closed and there's no way you can open it, smash it or interact with it in any manner. This bug is known since the game launch and was reported to be fixed in Patch 1.06, then in Patch 1.07. But unfortunately, despite the developer's claims, this bug hasn't been fixed even in Patch 1.31.
  • More Viper School Gear was introduced with the expansion "Hearts of Stone".