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Elven ruin

Shaerrawedd is a ruined elven palace — elves did not build castles — that lies in the forests of Kaedwen. The elves themselves destroyed it after their second clash with humans to prevent the construction of a human settlement on its foundations as humans had done with so many other elven cities. At its heart is a rose bush covered with beautiful white-lilied flowers. Drops of silver glisten on the petals. They were Aelirenn's flowers, and she was known as the White Rose of Shaerrawedd.

...the rose of Shaerrawedd. I pricked myself. It is nothing. It is only blood. The blood of elves.
— pg(s). 87, Blood of Elves (UK edition)
In front of them, as far as the woods allowed them to see, rose smoothly hewn blocks of granite and marble with blunt corners worn away by winds, decorated with patterns long leached out by the rains, cracked and shattered by frost, split by tree roots. Amongst the trunks' broken columns flashed white, arcades, the remains of ornamental friezes entwined with ivy, and wrapped in a thick layer of green moss.
— pg(s). 152, Blood of Elves (UK edition)


  • The name is likely a nod to the famous Sherwood Forest; the name formed of Old English elements scir (bright, clear, shire) and wudu (wood), and thus being "bright forest". Whether Shaerrawedd is Elder Speech and could be similarly translated remains unsolved.
  • Shaerrawedd's similarity to feainnewedd, and being an elven place, would suggest it being Elder Speech, though possibly, even likely corrupted, like Kaer Morhen is from Caer a'Muirehen. Bearing that in mind, instead of wedd meaning child like in feainnewedd, it might be a corruption of woed, meaning wood or forest. The closest word for shaerra- that we know at the moment, however, is shaent, sing. Considering blath/blathan/blathanna/blathe, not to mention ess/esse/essea/esseath, shaerra- might be a form of shaent. Possibilities include song, singing, one that sings, one that has sung...