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Secondary quest
"Shock Therapy"
Tw3 shock therapy egill.jpg
Secondary quest
Suggested level
One of the druids in Gedyneith
75 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level
Iorveth gwent card
Practicum in Advanced Alchemy

In this quest, Geralt must harass a taciturn druid until he breaks his vow of silence. This is done by repeatedly using Aard on Egill's campfire, his hanging pots and a nearby beehive.

Journal entry[]

Though druids have gained fame worldwide as outstanding healers, even with all their spells and elixirs they at times prove powerless against diseases. Such was the case case of Egill – a druid who had lost his voice. His friend decided that, since traditional methods had failed, it was time to try newer, more innovative methods. It fell to Geralt to test them.
Thanks to Geralt's efforts, Egill did indeed speak once more – in order to give Geralt a thorough tongue lashing. It turned out the druid had not lost his voice due to illness, but has sworn a vow of silence for religious reasons. Instead of helping a man to recover, it seemed Geralt had taken part in a rather awful practical joke.


  • Go visit Egill
  • Help Egill recover his voice by giving him a scare
  • Keep trying to scare the druid until he recovers his voice (3 attempts, typically best timed while he is attempting to sleep)
  • Return to Egill and help him recover his voice
  • Return to the druid who gave you the task