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These weapons, also known as "light weapons" or "small weapons", are of questionable value to Geralt, but some do have their particular useful applications and they can be picked up and sold for orens, which is particularly useful during the early chapters. Once Geralt obtains Raven's armor, he can carry two, rather than one, of these weapons at any one time. Enemies who have less than 33% of their vitality left may be stunned and/or knocked down by any short weapon attack. Nevertheless, as with heavy weapons, they can not be used in Stun-finishers, meaning that while Geralt performs a finishing move, only increased damage is dealt but the opponent will not die as a result unless the damage exceeds current vitality. All short weapons carry the caveat "this weapon can not be combined with witchers' combat styles".


Axes typically have the dislodge shield effect, which functions similarly to disarm, but causes the opponent to lose their shield rather than their weapon.

Description Buy Sell
Dwarven axe from Carbon 100 oren(s) 20 oren(s)
Holy axe of the Order 500 oren(s) 100 oren(s)
Mahakaman dwarven axe 400 oren(s) 80 oren(s)
Mount Carbon dwarven axe 400 oren(s) 80 oren(s)
Mount Carbon rune axe 400 oren(s) 80 oren(s)
Small axe 100 oren(s) 20 oren(s)
Temerian iron axe 200 oren(s) 40 oren(s)
Temerian steel axe 300 oren(s) 60 oren(s)

Clubs, flails and maces[]

These weapons are used to stun foes. Typically, the larger Salamanders use them and notably Azar Javed uses two huge maces.

Description Buy Sell
Chain mace 150 oren(s) 30 oren(s)
Kourbash 100 oren(s) 20 oren(s)
Light club 50 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Temerian battle flail 200 oren(s) 40 oren(s)


A dagger (probably from Vulgar Latin: daca — a Dacian knife) is a typically double-edged blade used for stabbing or thrusting. They often fulfil the role of a secondary defence weapon in close combat. Geralt carries a dagger as do most people in the Witcher saga.

Daggers are primarily used to inflict Pain. Additionally, a special animation is shown when Geralt finishes off a knocked down opponent if he is carrying a dagger.

Description Buy Sell
Assassin's dagger 150 oren(s) 30 oren(s)
Deithwen dagger 200 oren(s) 40 oren(s)
Mahakaman dagger 200 oren(s) 40 oren(s)
Mahakaman rune dagger 300 oren(s) 60 oren(s)
Temerian iron dagger 50 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Temerian steel dagger 100 oren(s) 20 oren(s)


Hammers are primarily used for their knockdown effect. They are usually used by Elite Royal Guard or knights of the Order.

Description Buy Sell
Holy battle hammer of the Order 400 oren(s) 80 oren(s)
Mahakaman battle hammer 400 oren(s) 80 oren(s)
Order battle hammer 250 oren(s) 50 oren(s)
Stone hammer 400 oren(s) 80 oren(s)


Illumination is the chief purpose of the torch, but as a weapon it has the benefit of causing incineration, making it useful against, for example, Echinopsae — early in the game, torches are a quicker, safer anti-Echinops weapon than Geralt's swords. Torches are ubiquitous, available in towns, houses, crypts, ruins etc. — look in barrels or wardrobes (and worth decent coin). Surprisingly, they can not be used to light up camp fire.

Description Buy Sell
Torch 200 oren(s) 40 oren(s)