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Sodden is a former kingdom, but now simply the name for the area around the Yaruga river between Cintra, Brugge and Riverdell. In the aftermath of the first Northern War, Sodden was divided between Nilfgaard, which assumed rule of Upper Sodden and the Northern Kingdom of Temeria, which assumed rule over Lower Sodden.

After the Peace of Cintra, Temeria annexed the entirety of Sodden.

'They're heading for the city of Brugge. So the only sensible direction to escape is east.'

Milva glanced at the Witcher, who refrained from comment.

'And that's where we're headed, east,' Zoltan Chivay continued. [...] Then we plan to march along forest tracks until we reach the hills. Turlough, then the Old Road to the River Chotla in Sodden which flows into the Ina.
— pg(s). 77, Baptism of Fire (UK edition)

National emblems[]


speculative coat of arms for Sodden

The coat of arms for Sodden is not actually described in the novels. This particular coat of arms is the vector version of the work of our resident heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro.


Soddeni flag

The flag for Sodden is never actually described in the books. This particular flag was designed basing on the work of our resident heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro.


Other notable people[]

Cities, keeps and forts[]


  • There were two famous battles at Sodden, the second was the Battle of Sodden Hill. Not much is known about the first, other than the fact that it ended in defeat for the North.
  • Sodden is famous for its mead made by the beekeepers, according to The Witcher computer game.