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Sove was one of six sons born to Hemdall and Heulyn. Legend states that Clan Brokvar, based on the isle of Spikeroog, was founded by Sove. This hero took as his wife the lovely yet extremely quarrelsome Ulula. He tried countless ways to tame her, but no matter what lengths he went to, he could not get along with her. Finally he sailed to Hindarsfjall to meditate in Hindar, the sacred grove. Hemdall and Freya took pity on him and gave him the formula for a potion that would grant him Understanding. They also instructed him to take a new approach, do something he had never done before, to resolve his conflicts with his wife. In order to gather the required ingredients, Sove had to kill a monster, climb the highest mountain in the isles and dive into the deepest undersea chasm. Then he prepared the potion, quaffed it and, searching for another approach to the conflict, began meditating while hanging from the tree Irminsul by one leg. In this manner he achieved enlightenment, and returned to Spikeroog to live with Ulula in peace and harmony to the end of their days.

His brothers are Broddr, Grymmdjarr, Modolf, Otkell and Tyr.

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