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There are a number of sites for spoils of war scattered about the various regions in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. These are almost always underwater.

White Orchard

1 location

Pontar (Velen and Novigrad)

3 locations


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Spoils of war locations

8 locations

  • 1 on the northernmost tip of Ard Skellig
  • 1 near the small island immediately to the northwest of the previous spoils of war marker (roughly due east of Hov)
  • 1 in the center of the small cluster of islands north of Ard Skellig and west of An Skellig
  • 1 off the east coast of Ard Skellig, by the island northeast of the Grotto
  • 1 on a small island due east of the Elverum lighthouse
  • 1 in the second cluster of small islands south of and between Ard Skellig and Undvik
  • 1 just off the west side of the Pali Gap Coast
  • 1 just a bit farther west of the Pali Gap Coast, south of the island
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