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Spoon Collector
Spotted wight
Trastamara Estate Ruins
Vulnerable to
Necrophage oils
Wight saliva gland
Wight ear
Wight hair
Greater green mutagen
Greater Triglav runestone
Monster essence
Monster brain
Monster blood
Monster bone
Monster claw
Monster heart
Monster liver
Monster saliva
Monster stomach
Monster tongue
Other loot
Wight trophy (optional)
Disgusting wight key

This boss is only a problem if Geralt decides not to lift the curse.


Bestiary entry[]

The best defense against spotted wights? Stay calm and leave them alone.
– fragment of a treatise on spotted wights by Roderick Giligan.
Spotted wights were a subspecies of wight which the witchers drove to extinction. They were larger than their unspotted kin and owed their names to their numerous blotches and effusions. Spotted wights would most often dwell in derelict cemeteries and empty wildernesses, yet at times took to living in abandoned human domiciles. There they would indulge in their greatest passion: creating brews from their own emissions.
When not disturbed, spotted wights would not act aggressively. If threatened, however, they became very dangerous indeed. In the colder months or when faced with an unseasonable chill, they would slip into a state of lethargy, making them easy targets. Even during their active periods, it is said the witchers found a surefire way of besting them, based around careful casting of the Yrden Sign – or at least, so claims witcher lore…
Whenever on the one hand witchers swear they have driven a certain species of monster into extinction and one the other someone claims to have seen a member of that species walking around in apparent health, most likely we are dealing with a curse. This rule of thumb showed its worth with the spotted wight from the Trastamara estate. It turned out this creature was in fact a woman transformed into a monster by a curse many years prior, as punishment for refusing food and shelter to a wandering beggar.''

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