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Fortress or keep

Stygga is an important citadel in the Witcher saga. It is located on a cliff next to a stone lake somewhere in Ebbing and was used as a secret hideout by Vilgefortz after the Thanedd coup.

It is most notable for the battle that took place when Geralt's party assaulted it in an attempt to rescue Yennefer and Ciri and during which many casualties were given by both sides. Two of Ciri's greatest nemeses died in that battle - Vilgefortz and Leo Bonhart, as well as all of Geralt's allies - Angoulême, Cahir, Milva and Regis.

Shortly after the battle, Philippa Eilhart dispatched Sabrina Glevissig, Keira Metz and Triss Merigold to destroy the castle so the only legend surviving the events could be the one best serving the interests of the Lodge of Sorceresses. The explosion was heard as far as Maecht, the blast was seen as far as Metinna and Geso. Seismic shock reaches as far North as the University of Oxenfurt and destroyed the newly-discovered perpetuum mobile.

After less than two centuries, only The Black Book of Ellander still recounts the true version of events.