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"Suspect: Leuvaarden"
People Leuvaarden full.png
Temple Quarter
Raymond Maarloeve, P.I.
500 oren(s) + 3000 XP
Anatomy of a Crime
Vizima Confidential
Suspect: Kalkstein
Suspect: Ramsmeat
Suspect: Thaler

Secondary quest

Suspect: Leuvaarden is a sub-quest of Vizima Confidential in Chapter II. It is part of Geralt's investigation into Salamandra.


Declan Leuvaarden is initially one of the prime suspects in the case. He certainly has the wealth to finance some less than above-board enterprises. He belongs to a secret society about which he will not speak. He quite possibly paid to have the Professor released from jail. Things really do not look good.

However, as Geralt continues his investigation, it becomes increasingly apparent that the merchant is not involved, despite his reluctance to discuss what it is he really does. In the end, the results of the autopsy on the crown witness seal the deal, he is definitely not involved.


  • Finding out he is the one who pays for Salamander badges is also a way to clear him.
  • This quest is only spawned by reading the List of suspects given to Geralt by Raymond.
  • This quest can not be spawned by completing Suspect: Vivaldi and then talking to Zoltan, who knows that Leuvaarden is the richest man in the Temple Quarter now that Vivaldi is broke. That dialogue option with Zoltan only becomes available after the quest has been acquired from the list of suspects. (Note: The dialogue with Zoltan becomes available after completing Suspect: Vivald however Suspect: Leuvaarden still does not initiate until the other conditions are met. Occurred in the Directors Cut 2011 )
  • Extra XP: There are 400 XP available for finding 4 clues to Leuvaarden's innocence. These clues are also starting conditions for the quest:
    • They say Leuvaarden finances many shady schemes. (100 XP) Note: This clue cannot be found in the game. It exists in the files but wasn't assigned a trigger.
    • The guards are on the take. I saw Leuvaarden paying them. (100 XP)
    • Seems Leuvaarden belongs to a secret organization or lodge. Interesting. (100 XP)
    • The Professor escaped at the last instant. Someone paid a lot to arrange that. The transfer came through the Vivaldis' dwarven bank. Really clean work. (100 XP)


A New Suspect[]

Raymond seems to think that Leuvaarden is working with the Salamander. Let's see what I can wring out of the merchant. I must question the merchant Leuvaarden.

A Lack of Evidence[]

I decided to give Leuvaarden the benefit of the doubt for now. If he is guilty, evidence should surface soon enough. I will reopen the case if I find new evidence.

Accused or Innocent[]

Accuse Leuvaarden: I'm certain now — Leuvaarden is working for Azar. I should speak to the merchant. I need to find another way of reaching Azar or
Clear Leuvaarden: The evidence suggests that Leuvaarden is innocent. I should speak with him. I'll tell Leuvaarden I've found proof of his innocence. (500 XP)

Accused or Innocent[]

Kill Ramsmeat: With Raymond's help I managed to eliminate Ramsmeat and figure out Kalkstein. That closes the case. After all, Leuvaarden was not involved in all this. (500 XP) or
Find Raymond's body: I told Leuvaarden that the evidence I gathered proves him innocent. I earned his gratitude. I'm now convinced Leuvaarden is not working for Azar. (1000 XP) or
Accuse Leuvaarden: I presented Leuvaarden with the evidence against him. He didn't take it too well, but what goes around, comes around. I will get him one day. Meanwhile, I must find another way to get to the Salamander. I need to find another way of reaching Azar. (1500 XP) or
Exonerate Leuvaarden: It turned out that Leuvaarden and I have common objectives. I gained his financial support in the fight against the Salamander and some useful information. I earned Leuvaarden's gratitude and gained a useful piece of information about Azar Javed. (500 oren(s) + 2500 XP)