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"Suspect: Ramsmeat"
People Ramsmeat full.png
Temple Quarter
Raymond Maarloeve, P.I.
3000 XP
The Crown Witness
Anatomy of a Crime
Vizima Confidential
Suspect: Kalkstein
Suspect: Leuvaarden
Suspect: Thaler

Secondary quest

Suspect: Ramsmeat is a sub-quest of Vizima Confidential in Chapter II. It is part of Geralt's investigation into Salamandra.


If this quest is solved before the autopsy, it makes the Anatomy of a Crime quest that much easier by eliminating Ramsmeat as a suspect and thus steering Geralt toward either Kalkstein or Azar Javed as the culprit. Following Raymond's advice about dealing carefully with Ramsmeat and talking to him in a conciliatory fashion after the fight at the hospital during The Crown Witness quest causes Geralt to conclude that Ramsmeat is innocent. Once this is done, Ramsmeat can only be found at his house, but talking to him again immediately allows this quest to be finished at The Hairy Bear and Geralt gets Ramsmeat's information on Azar Javed.

Depending on the results of the autopsy, this quest can unfold quite differently. During Anatomy of a Crime, Geralt and Shani can end up implicating Kalkstein, Ramsmeat or Azar Javed equally easily.

If they conclude that Ramsmeat is the murderer, then Geralt never makes that leap of logic that tells him that Azar is impersonating Detective Raymond, and so he continues to trust the P.I. So when Maarloeve tells him to kill Ramsmeat, our hero does just that. Then the focus switches to Kalkstein as suspect number one. This too, on the detective's word alone.

If Shani and Geralt conclude that Kalkstein is the murderer, Raymond nevertheless insists on having Ramsmeat killed, and in this case it is really a cold-blooded murder on the part of the witcher as the fight is totally unprovoked. To add insult to injury, Ramsmeat's death does not even get recorded as part of this quest if this avenue is followed. (It does show up as part of Vizima Confidential).

However, there are two ways of circumventing this dilemma. The first is getting into the cemetery and finding Raymond's body. At this point Geralt realizes that Azar Javed is masquerading as Raymond and is trying to get Geralt to remove his enemies, so Geralt will lie to Javed and say that he killed Ramsmeat. From this point forward, things will proceed as if the autopsy had indicated Javed. The second way is to complete all remaining suspect quests successfully, which leaves Raymond as the only suspect and events proceed again as if the autopsy had indicated Javed. Visiting Ramsmeat allows the dialogue option where Geralt tells him to lay low, but since he is now a blue character, he can be killed as well, leaving things up to the conscience of the player.


  • This suspect quest does not start until after Geralt has "spoken" to the crown witness.
  • Extra XP: There are 300 XP available for finding 3 clues to Ramsmeat's innocence. These clues are also starting conditions for the quest:
    • The thugs from the slums get nervous when they see the Salamandra symbol. They wouldn't tell me a thing. (100 XP)
    • The local thugs must've had dealings with Berengar. Probably none too pleasant ones. (This clue can be gotten by talking to the thug standing outside the brothel, on the other side of the door from Carmen.) (100 XP)
    • I was attacked by local thugs while trying to interrogate the witness at the hospital. (100 XP)



The evidence indicates there is some sort of connection between Ramsmeat and Azar Javed. I will talk to the bandit and try to learn more I have to speak to Ramsmeat about his dealings with Azar.

Lack of Evidence[]

I decided to give Ramsmeat the benefit of the doubt for now. If he is guilty, evidence should surface soon enough. I will reopen the case if I find new evidence.

Guilty or Innocent[]

Autopsy implicated Ramsmeat: Ramsmeat is working with Azar — I'm certain now. I need to speak to him. Ramsmeat is guilty. I need to pressure him a bit. or
Autopsy cleared Ramsmeat: The evidence suggests that Ramsmeat is innocent. I should speak with him. I'll tell Ramsmeat I've found proof of his innocence. (500 XP)

The Confrontation or Innocent[]

Accuse Ramsmeat:
...and talk first: Ramsmeat is working together with Azar — I'm sure of it now. But confronting him without preparation, in his own den would not be wise. I will wait for a better opportunity to confront Ramsmeat. or
...start fighting:

The Fight[]

Ramsmeat finally lost his temper, he could no longer ignore my suspicions. It could end in one way only — in a fight. Dead men tell no tales. or

Found Raymond's body: I told Ramsmeat that the evidence I gathered proves him innocent. I gained his gratitude. I'm now convinced Ramsmeat is not working for Azar. (1000 XP) or
Cleared Ramsmeat: I told Ramsmeat that the evidence I gathered proves him innocent. I earned his gratitude and gained a useful piece of information about Azar Javed. I earned the gratitude of the local kingpin and gained interesting information about Azar. (2500 XP)