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Samun bombs
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A sylvan, also called a willower, puck or a deovel, is a humanoid, intelligent herbivore with goat's horns on its head, hairy legs with cloven hooves, and a tail with a tassel at the end. They're exceedingly rare. Their description was given in the short story The Edge of the World.

The creature was about half a rod tall with bulging eyes and a goat's horns and beard. The mouth, a soft, busy slit, also brought a chewing goat to mind. Its nether regions were covered with long, thick, dark-red hair right down to the cleft hooves. The devil had a long tail ending in a brush-like tassel which wagged energetically.
— pg(s). 176, "The Edge of the World", in the collection The Last Wish (UK edition)

Notable sylvans[]

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Bestiary entry[]

Sylvans are cruel, greedy and treacherous. Still, I prefer them to dh'oine.
Yaevinn, legendary Scoia'tael commander
Sylvans and Yakshas, a kindred species, are extremely rare woodland creatures whose appearance combines traits of goats and rotund men. These beings usually pose little danger, for they limit their contact with humans to playing harmless (though often bothersome) tricks and eating crops from their fields.


At least some of them can breathe fire if provoked.