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"Prison Break is listed as related because it leads to meeting Siegfried which in turn permits passage through the New Vizima gate."

am i alone in thinking that this is a horrible precedent? i'm not saying it shouldn't be mentioned that Siegfried provides one way through the gate, but using that to justify Relating a quest that does not involve the subject of the page? taking that sort of thinking to its logical conclusion would make a silly mess of every Related section. after all, you have to get through a cutscene of Alvin speaking in an otherworldly voice in order to proceed through Chapter I, so all of its quests are dependent on that cutscene, so The Source is thereby related to everything in the entire game after the Prologue... i don't think we need to be playing 'six degrees of kevin bacon' here, folks. Yeti magi (talk) 08:34, October 21, 2012 (UTC)