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NG+ specifics[]

Am thinking this article could benefit from some expansion. I only added a few bits now, as I'm playing through a NG+ currently. The sentence for what carries over and what does not did perhaps get a bit muddled and hard-to-read, I'm not sure. Therefore I'm thinking it may be a good idea to make a bullet-list of what is carried over and what is not? I'm not 100% sure on all the specifics so haven't done so myself yet. But for example about formulae: bombs and potions carry over, if you have made them (e.g. superior grapeshot bomb), but recipes for equipment does not. And very oddly, a few pieces of gear I had in the stash ended up with a much higher level, and even some enhancements. Recently I also came across some Witcher gear I hadn't gone to in the first playthrough, and found both the normal recipe and the Legendary one.

That kind of details is probably too much for an article of this type, but some more details would be beneficial I think, and perhaps two bulletpoint lists of what carries over and what does not (unless it steals too much vertical space).

Would comments on gameplay/difficulty be prudent as well? Overall I'd say the difficulty is tougher (I'm playing on next hardest), and a certain part of Ciri's escape was downright impossible. Don't know yet how it plays in the end-game, but it's possible the enemies get very, very tough to take down due to balancing issues. Also read somewhere that Signs use become much less efficient. Maybe not a bad thing in itself as they are pretty darn powerful, OP even, but it might be something to comment on so others are aware of the potential problems with pure Signs builds. --— Pangaearocks (talk) 16:44, 2 June 2019 (UTC)