All right, having just finished the game, I wonder what we should do with the storyline section on this page. Of course, the Storyline page will have more detail and spoilers, but should this page contain as little spoilers as possible? Or should the ending be only alluded to, without being revealed completely as it is now? (of course, only one ending is revealed for now, but you get my point)

I'd like to have opinions on this. I personally dislike having so many spoilers on the game's main page, but I'm not really sure what to do about it.


  1. put a very brief summary of the storyline instead of a chapter-by-chapter breakdown as it is now.
  2. summarize each chapter but remove as many spoilers as possible (this will imply that the links between chapters will not be given here, but only on the Storyline page, which may mean that the text will not really make sense and people will go to the Storyline page anyways).
  3. keep it as it is now (but improve it of course).
  4. any options I don't see?

I'm currently leaning towards option 1 myself, unless someone can offer something better. Please discuss. --Jean seb 15:48, 13 November 2007 (UTC)

ELRQ : Elaboration request , can someone please extend information here :

From what i know there are 3 versions of the game.

1 An uncensored version. 2 A censored version removing the in game very mild erotic parts. 3 A version with censored violence.

Some American forums claim the following : US versions have nudity removed ; all European versions have violence removed

Some other forum claims it is only the German version that has censored violence.

Is there a way to check whet version one has. some kind of version checker , feature checker etc etc... Can someone describe what exact things one can look for in the different versions.. Is there a difference in the box / actual cd label ?

Is there a way to revert one's version to the original one (violence + erotic parts)? How would one go about doing that if it was possible.

Also, does it matter which language my windows is installed in? And, do i have to look out where i get my patch?

(please don't remove ELRQ unless 100 percent sure of answer , don't elaborate on a hunch.)