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Tamara Strenger
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Tamara Strenger is a witch hunter, and the daughter of the Bloody Baron.

Journal entry[]

The baron's daughter, Tamara, had disappeared with her mother some time before Geralt arrived at Crow's Perch. The baron described her as a charming young maid of nineteen summers and the apple of his eye. No wonder, then, that the lord of Crow's Perch was desperate to find her.
Yet it seemed Tamara had finally had enough of the way the baron treated her mother and decided to flee along with her.
Geralt found his way to a hut belonging to a fisherman who had helped Tamara and her mother in their flight. There he learned that a horrible beast had captured Anna and dragged her into the swamp. Tamara was able to escape with her life, and had found shelter with a relative of the fisherman in Oxenfurt.
Tamara had indeed made it to Oxenfurt safe and sound and would not even consider returning to her father. Determined to save her mother from the clutches of the creatures that had imprisoned her in the bog, Tamara joined the ranks of the witch hunters, hoping their support would allow her to survive a trek into Crookback Bog.
Tamara and her escort of witch hunters made it to the swamp clearing, but what she found there was not cause for joy, to say the least. The Crones no longer controlled her mother, true, but the experience had left her with an addled mind.
If Anna lives:
Tamara's father, the Bloody Baron, whom hithertofore she had held in contempt, took the high ground this time and swore to travel to the ends of the earth to search out even the slightest hope of returning Anna to a sound mind. Though Tamara did not want to admit it, she appreciated her father's gesture.
If Anna dies:
Tamara and her escort of witch hunters made it to the swamp clearing and there, to her great astonishment, was her father, who had also set out to free Anna. This family reunion was not, however, to be a moment of celebration - though Anna regained human form and a sound mind for a brief moment, she had only enough strength to bid farewell to her loved ones before passing on.

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