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Template-info.png Documentation

Text replacement templates

Template Text
{{AardIntensity3}} Aard Sign intensity
{{AdrenalineGain3}} Adrenaline Point gain
{{ArmorPiercing3}} Armor piercing
{{AttackPower3}} Attack power
{{AttackPowerVS3}} Attack power versus {{{1}}}
{{AxiiIntensity3}} Axii Sign intensity
{{Bleeding3}} Chance to cause bleeding
{{BleedingResist3}} Resistance to bleeding
{{Bludgeoning3}} Bludgeoning damage
{{BludgeoningResist3}} Resistance to bludgeoning damage
{{BonusGold3}} Bonus gold
{{BonusHerbs3}} Chance to find additional herbs
{{BonusXPhuman3}} Bonus experience from humans and nonhumans
{{BonusXPmonsters3}} Bonus experience from monsters
{{Burning3}} Chance to cause burning
{{BurnResist3}} Resistance to Burning
{{CritBonus3}} Critical hit damage bonus
{{CritChance3}} Critical hit chance
{{Dismember3}} Chance to dismember
{{ElementResist3}} Resistance to elemental damage
{{FireDamage3}} Fire damage
{{Freeze3}} Chance to freeze
{{FrostDamage3}} Frost damage
{{IgniIntensity3}} Igni Sign intensity
{{InstantKill3}} Chance for instant kill
{{MonsterResist3}} Resistance to damage from monsters
{{Piercing3}} Piercing damage
{{PiercingResist3}} Resistance to piercing damage
{{Poison3}} Chance to poison
{{PoisonResist3}} Resistance to Poisoning
{{ProjectilesQuen3}} Chance to deflect projectiles with Quen
{{QuenIntensity3}} Quen Sign intensity
{{SignIntensity3}} Sign intensity
{{Silver3}} Silver damage
{{SlashingResist3}} Resistance to slashing damage
{{Stagger3}} Chance to stagger
{{StaminaRegen3}} Stamina regeneration
{{Stun3}} Chance to stun
{{Vitality3}} Vitality
{{VitalityRegen3}} Vitality regeneration
{{YrdenIntensity3}} Yrden Sign intensity