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The template is for use on weapon and armor pages that are dynamically created by the game (has an "Autogen" tag), which means they don't have a predefined level. Each iteration of the template prints one row in the table. Therefore, the relevant table header must be used before the first usage of the template. Please see the example below.


Parameters in the template call are separated with |. All but the last parameter is required for the template to work as intended.

No. Name Required? Description
#1 Type of gear YesY Type of gear in use on the page. Options are:
  • steel sword or steelsword
  • silver sword or silversword
  • chest armor or chestarmor
  • gauntlets or gloves
  • trousers
  • boots
#2 Level YesY The item's level in integer. For example: 10.
#3 Tags YesY This is a field in the infobox code that isn't printed to screen, but is required by the template. It contains "tags" used by the game. In the parameter, only use {{#var:tags}}.
#4 Quality NoN Optional field, but should be used where relevant. Options are:
  • witcher gear or witchergear
  • relic

All other input is ignored.


{{Tableheader weaponleveleffect}}
{{Itemleveleffect|silver sword|20|{{#var:tags}}|relic}}
{{Itemleveleffect|silver sword|25|{{#var:tags}}|relic}}
{{Itemleveleffect|silver sword|30|{{#var:tags}}|relic}}


This is an estimate of the weapon's damage output at the given levels. It may not be 100% accurate because some items have a random range per level, while others increase with a static amount per level. If the "rolls" are continuously bad, however, the item simply ends up with a lower level. The item's level is "clamped" below to provide a high degree of accuracy, but may be up to 5-10 points off.

Name Level Damage
Itemleveleffect 20 DPS - Silver Sword 270 – 330
Itemleveleffect 25 DPS - Silver Sword 315 – 385
Itemleveleffect 30 DPS - Silver Sword 360 – 440

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