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The template is for use on armor pages that are dynamically created by the game (has an "Autogen" tag), which means they don't have a predefined level. This template briefly explains the meaning of the table, and prints its headers.


{{Tableheader armorleveleffect}}


This is an estimate of the item's armor value at the given levels. It may not be 100% accurate because some items have a random range per level, while others increase with a static amount per level. If the "rolls" are continuously bad, however, the item simply ends up with a lower level. The item's level is "clamped" below to provide a high degree of accuracy, but may be up to 5-10 points off.

Name Level Armor
Tableheader armorleveleffect 20 Armor  130
Tableheader armorleveleffect 25 Armor  155
Tableheader armorleveleffect 30 Armor  180