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The Temple of Freya is located on the island of Hindarsfjall, in the grove knownn as Hindar, in Skellige. The high priestess there is called Modron Sigrdrifa. The building itself is described as follows:

The building — located at the head of a long, stone staircase — looked like a gigantic hedgehog, so overgrown was it by moss, ivy and bushes. Yennefer observed that not just bushes, but small trees, were growing on the roof.
— pg(s). 313, Baptism of Fire (US edition)

Inside, a towering statue of Modron Freya, the Great Mother, dominated the view, and in her arms, the diamond, Brisingamen.

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

The interior of the Temple of Freya is not accessible, and it's possible to enter only the chamber in front of the main gates, that's located in a small cave that leads to the temple. It hosts only a small statue of Freya.