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"The Ancient Cemetaur"
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crypt in the fields
killing Ureus
800 oren(s) + 7000 XP
Trophy quests
Small Problems

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The Ancient Cemetaur is one of nine optional trophy quests. This, and the other trophy quest are obtained by killing the monsters, but talking to Tobias Hoffman makes their existence known. Information about other trophy quests is obtained from either Vincent Meis or the Royal huntsman. Only one trophy quest, The Beast of the Sewers, is not optional, making a total of ten.


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When Geralt first strolls into the village of Murky Waters, one of the first people he meets is Tobias Hoffman, the mayor and chief. When asked if he needs the services of a witcher, Hoffman intimates that there are two monsters plaguing the area: Ureus, the ancient cemetaur and a decidedly unfriendly vodyan priest.

As the quests both bring a healthy reward, the witcher decides to keep an eye out for these "beasties". He finds Ureus in the crypt in the Fields, but not before fighting his way through alps, alghouls, ghouls, fleders, other cemetaurs and a garkain.



The Cemetaur[]

The monster from the crypt in the fields is dead. It probably slaughtered many villagers in its time. I should take the trophy to the village chief and claim my reward. I need to deliver the trophy to the village chief and claim my reward.

A Reward[]

I gave the proof to the village chief and received 800 orens. I received my reward for the trophy. (800 oren(s) + 7000 XP)