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The Arcane Mysteries of Magic and Alchemy

The Arcane Mysteries of Magic and Alchemy is a tome written by Lunin and Tyrss. Not much is actually said about the tome in The Last Wish, except that it is housed at the library of the Temple of Melitele in Ellander and that it provides a very good hiding place for a demi-john of strong plum vodka.

In "The Voice of Reason 5", in The Last Wish, Dandelion mentions that his second favourite subject at the Academy in Oxenfurt was geography as it had tomes large enough to hide such items. This causes Geralt to smile quite broadly, move the tome aside and extract just such a vessel, much to the bard's amusement.

Notes[ | ]

  • in the original Polish edition of the story, one of the authors is called Lunini, not Lunin.