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The Caretaker
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von Everec Estate
Vulnerable to
Relict oils
Summoning spirits on which he can feed and heal himself
The Caretaker's spade

The Caretaker is a servant of Iris von Everec.

Associated quest[]

Bestiary entry[]

There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in philosophy.
– Bartolomeo Darez, after trying to contact creatures from another plane and landing in an insane asylum.
The Caretaker served with the indifference of a golem, and proved as fierce in battle as it was diligent in its labors. It felt no pain – in fact, each blow it received seemed to give it strength, as did each blow it landed on Geralt with the spade it wielded as a weapon. What is more, the Caretaker was able to summon powerful spirits from the graves it had dug and could heal itself by absorbing them. The witcher had a hard time evading the devastating strikes of its weapon, and his only chance at wounding the creature came when it would stick its spade in the ground to draw on otherworldly energy in an attempt to petrify its foes with fright.
The being known as the Caretaker had been summoned to the von Everec estate from another realm, making "demon" its most accurate designation. The Caretaker had been forced into servitude by magic. Its tasks - to care for the house and protect it from intruders. It performed these pedantically, tending the flowers, repairing the fences, tidying the yard… and murdering all intruders who set foot on the grounds, then burying their corpses in neat rows on untended land just beyond the manor garden's bounds.