The Double Cross of Alzur

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The Double Cross of Alzur
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The Double Cross of Alzur
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Price to buy
200 oren(s)
Price to sell
40 oren(s)

A censored version of the famous tome of Alzur the mage. Contains the spells for the creation of horrid monsters.

Content[edit | edit source]

The Double Cross of Alzur
An edition censored by the Brotherhood
"I was vested with the thankless responsibility of preparing a new edition of the incomplete tome of Alzur (some of its pages have been torn out), which describes the methods of creating monstrous beasts. Whoever remembers the koshchey or the viy of Maribor knows the evil the book has caused, especially the Double Cross of Alzur described therein. The following edition provides information on creatures such as the frightener or the koshchey, but does not contain the secrets of creating these beasts.
To ensure safety, I would nevertheless suggest that readers never utter any formulae outloud and speak all vowels while inhaling."

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