The Final Trial

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Main quest
"The Final Trial"
Tw3 the final trial.jpg
Main quest
Suggested level
Kaer Morhen valley
Kaer Morhen
Lambert / Yennefer
500 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level
Va Fail, Elaine

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

The task of preparing the phylactery fell to Lambert, to his great dissatisfaction. His discontent came as no surprise to me when I learned of it - Lambert was not the most obliging of fellows, and Yennefer, well, let us just say she was not his favorite individual. Nevertheless, Lambert agreed to do the job, and Geralt felt he had no choice but to accompany him.
Geralt and Lambert braved the dangerous path to the Circle of Elements, which took them across a drowner- and foglet-infested lake, through the cave in which Old Speartip slept, and over mountain passes home to mistrustful and treacherous rock trolls. Along the way all the differences between Geralt and his younger comrade were exposed in sharp contrast. Sparks flew between them more than once, and biting commentary and barbed remarks were the order of the day. Geralt tolerated Lambert's prickliness with admirable stoicism, for he knew that the younger witcher's famous sarcasm served only to cover his many deeply-felt, never-healed wounds.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Find Lambert
  • Return to Lambert when you're ready
  • Follow Lambert
  • Find the boat
  • Kill the drowners
  • Kill the water hag
  • Get in the boat
  • Sail across the lake with Lambert
  • Check where the boy's voice is coming from
  • Kill the foglets
  • Enter the cave
  • Go through the cave
  • Kill Old Speartip or avoid waking him up by not making noise in the cave
  • Seek shelter in the tunnel
  • Get past the blockage
  • Put the phylactery on the altar
  • Light the torches around the altar
  • Get to the Circle of Elements

Gallery[edit | edit source]