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The Last Wish
The Last Wish 2
Publication information
Ostatnie życzenie. SuperNOWA, 1993
Andrzej Sapkowski
Translated by
Danusia Stok
Short story collection
Gollancz, June 2007 (UK)
Orbit, May 2008 (US)
978-0-575-07782-9 (UK)
978-0-316-02918-6 (US)
Preceded by
Season of Storms
Followed by
Sword of Destiny
German: Der letzte Wunsch. Heyne, 1998. Italian: Il Guardiano degli Innocenti. Nord Edizioni, 2010. French: Le Dernier Vœu. Bragelonne, 2003. More...

The Last Wish (Polish: Ostatnie życzenie) is the first book in Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher series in terms of internal chronology, although the original Polish edition was published in 1993, after Sword of Destiny. Some of the individual short stories were first published in the Fantastyka magazine or in the Wiedźmin short story collection (the first collection of Sapkowski's stories, out of print and now obsolete; all short stories were later collected in The Last Wish, Sword of Destiny and Coś się kończy, coś się zaczyna) and as such were the first witcher stories published.

UK ISBN's are as follows: ISBN 0575082445, ISBN 978-0575082441

Audible UK, in conjunction with Orion Books & Gollancz released The Last Wish on audio, February 27, 2014, only a few short weeks after it was announced. The Last Wish is read by Peter Kenny.

Stories included[ | ]

The anthology employs the story within a story framework and contains seven main short stories.

Geralt, after having been injured in battle, rests in a temple of Melitele in Ellander. During that time he has flashbacks to recent events in his life — each of which forms a story of its own.

Monsters[ | ]

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Translations[ | ]

The book has been translated into Czech, Russian, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Serbian and Traditional Chinese in addition to English.

The Last Wish was the first of the Witcher's stories to be translated in English. The Last Wish was published in the United Kingdom by Gollancz in 2007 and in the United States by Orbit in April 2008.

  • Flag bulgaria Bulgarian: Вещерът. Последното желание, (ИнфоДар, 2008)
  • Flag czech Czech: Poslední přání, (Leonardo, 1999)
  • Flag germany German: Der letzte Wunsch, (Heyne, 1998)
  • Flag uk Flag USA English: The Last Wish, translated by Danusia Stok (UK – Gollancz, 2007, US – Orbit, 2008)
  • Flag spain Spanish: El último deseo, translated by Jose María Faraldo (Bibliópolis fantástica, 2002)
  • Flag finland Finnish: Viimeinen toivomus, translated by Tapani Kärkkäinen (WSOY 2010)
  • Flag france French: Le Dernier Vœu, (Bragelonne, 2003)
  • Flag hungary Hungarian: Vaják I. – Az utolsó kívánság, translated by Szathmáry-Kellermann Viktória (PlayON 2011)
  • Flag italy Italian: Il Guardiano degli Innocenti, (Nord, 2010)
  • Flag of South Korea Korean: 위처:이성의 목소리, (제우미디어, 2011)
  • Flag Lithuania Lithuanian: Paskutinis noras, (Eridanas, 2005)
  • Flag netherlands Dutch: De Laatste Wens, (Dutch Media Uitgevers, 2010)
  • Flag Brazil Brazilian Portuguese: O Último Desejo, translated by Tomasz Barcinski (WMF Martins Fontes, 2011)
  • Flag russia Russian: Последнее желание, translated by Евгений Вайсброт (АСТ, 1996)
  • Flag serbia Serbian: Последња жеља/Poslednja želja, translated by Olivera Duskov and Milan Duskov (IPS 2009)
  • Flag sweden Swedish: Den sista önskningen, (Coltso, 2010)
  • Flag China Traditional Chinese: 獵魔士 - 最後的願望, translated by 林蔚昀 (蓋亞文化, 2011)
  • Flag China Simplified Chinese: 猎魔人卷一:白狼崛起, translated by 小龙 (重庆出版社, 2015)
  • Flag turkey Turkish: Son Dilek, translated by Regaip Minareci (Pegasus Yayınları, 2016)

Audio versions[ | ]

There are two audio versions of The Last Wish available in Polish. Classic audiobook, lasting about 11 hours and read by Roch Siemianowski, was released by superNOWA (Polish publisher of Sapkowski's works) in 1996. In 2011, after huge success of audio play based on Sapkowski's Narrenturm, Fonopolis and audioteka.pl released audio plays based on The Last Wish and Miecz przeznaczenia. The Las Wish, lasting about 12 hours, was voiced by 52 actors, including Krzysztof Banaszyk (Vernon Roche in Assassins of Kings) as Geralt, Anna Dereszowska as Yennefer, Sławimir Pacek (minor characters in video games) as Dandelion and Krzysztof Gosztyła as narrator. Samples from all short stories can be found on audioteka.pl’s site.

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Bagiński movie[ | ]

A film version, which was announced for 2017 but never appeared, "will be based on themes from the short stories ‘The Witcher’ and ‘Lesser Evil’ from ‘The Last Wish’ collection. Tomasz Bagiński, who had been nominated for an Oscar for his film, ‘The Cathedral’, will be the director."[1]

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Notes[ | ]

  1. Platige Image Studio work with Tomek Bagiński, last visited 5th November 2015.