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Secondary quest
"The Last Wish"
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Secondary quest
Suggested level
Larvik (Hindarsfjall) / Ingdalen Isle
50 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / 0 crown(s)

The Last Wish is one of the quests available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Over the course of the quest, several direct references are made to the short story by the same name.

Journal entry[]

Before Geralt and Yennefer parted after their adventure in Freya's garden, the sorceress asked him to meet her in Larvik. She made it clear this was a personal matter, but gave no further details.
Geralt duly traveled to Larvik, where Yennefer revealed to him her plan: she intended to capture a djinn and draw on its power. Brrr, the very thought of it makes my skin crawl and my throat constrict! For, dear reader, I have had the misfortune of dealing with a djinn once in my life, and I assure you - once was one time too many. Most djinns, you see, combine incredible power with a mean streak a mile long. In short, they are nasty beings that prudent people should steer well clear of.
Yet when Yennefer sets her sights on something, there's no turning back. Geralt glumly realized this and decided to help her handle the dangers that would surely arise during this mad endeavor. Yennefer had managed to learn about a certain scholar who had devoted his entire life to delving into the secrets of djinns. He had died in mysterious circumstances during a shipwreck off the coast of Hindarsfjall. That is where Geralt and Yennefer decided to begin their search.
The trail they followed took Geralt and Yennefer from the bottom of the sea off the coast of Hindarsfjall to the snowy peaks towering above Ard Skellig. There, barging recklessly in where even dragons should fear to tread, they summoned the djinn and tried to capture it. The djinn, however, had no intention of giving up without a fight and resisted with all its strength.
Together witcher and sorceress managed to pin this feisty spirit. Once it understood its situation was hopeless, Yennefer could convince it to do what she wanted - release Geralt and her from the spell another djinn had cast on them long ago. This spell had made it so that Geralt and Yennefer, despite their many differences, could not live without each other. Now they had a chance to see if, once the spell was no longer in effect, the magic between them would still persist...
The truth did not disappoint. The captured djinn dispelled its predecessor's work… and the feelings between Geralt and the sorceress burned on as fiery as ever. Many an admirer breathed a heavy sigh on that day, when the bond between these two renowned beauties closed tight, crushing all outsiders' hopes...


  • Meet Yennefer in Larvik
  • Accompany Yennefer on the way to Larvik
  • Go to Larvik's harbor with Yennefer
  • Talk to Yennefer
  • Get on the boat with Yennefer
  • Help Yennefer find the djinn
  • Search the bottom of the bay using your Witcher Senses
  • Return to the boat
  • Help Yennefer find the djinn
  • Search the bottom of the bay using your Witcher Senses
  • Return to the boat and talk to Yennefer
  • Follow Yennefer to the top deck
  • Search the ship using your Witcher Senses
  • Wait for Yennefer to summon the djinn
  • Stop the djinn