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The New Narakort
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New Narakort Inn, seen from the outside
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Trade Quarter
Chapter III

The New Narakort Inn is a large, high-class inn frequented by the most important people in Vizima. One can enjoy a conversation over a goblet of good wine, play dice or try one's strength against the best pugilists in the capital. In the evenings, the New Narakort hosts exclusive, invitation-only receptions.

The both the innkeeper and the waitress at the New Narakort are fountains of information, given the right incentive. The waitress is generally friendly, if busy and one need only chat her up a few times to learn something new. The innkeeper needs cold, hard cash to loosen his lips, but it is worth a few rounds.

Andrew Gablodda can be found in the back room, spoiling for a fight and Patrick de Weyze can be found propping up a table near the entrance.


You can always find:


The Innkeeper:

  • For 233 oren(s), you can find out the password for the fisstech lab in the sewers.
  • For another 233 oren(s), you can receive The Book of the Kiss and Curses and the Cursed. Which is a lot cheaper than if you buy the books yourself.
  • For a further 233 oren(s), you can get a bomb recipe, Dragon's Dream.
  • Spending any more will only get you useless idle gossip. The innkeeper will threaten to call the guards if you demand a refund.

The Waitress:

The female patron:

  • There is also a woman at the inn (dressed in yellow and green) who wants either beer or cow's milk (she will specify which) to quench her thirst. In return she will tell stories which provide bestiary entries for Basilisks, wyverns and archespores — one entry per free drink. The booze vendor in the marketplace is probably the closest place to buy milk.

Patrick de Weyze:

  • The knight can also be found here and will give Geralt a quest to find his missing sister.

Staff and regulars[]

the waitress the innkeeper Patrick de Weyze female patron