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Main quest
"The Sunstone"
Tw3 the sunstone mirrors.jpg
Main quest
Suggested level
Kaer Trolde harbor
Ancient Crypt
30 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level
Battle Preparations
Veni Vidi Vigo

Journal entry[]

Geralt knew he could only defeat Eredin with the help of mages and on his own terms. Since the King of the Wild Hunt was traveling on the Naglfar, the spectral vessel known from Skellige legend, somewhere between worlds, our heroes had to summon him back and somehow cut off his escape route. Such a feat could only be performed by a group of mages acting in concert and aided by a legendary elven artifact - the Sunstone.
The emperor's flagship was anchored in Skellige's waters when Geralt arrived. His Imperial Majesty would preside over the battle in person - but more important to Geralt was the prisoner he held on his ship, the Nilfgaardian sorceress Fringilla Vigo, whose aid could turn the tide of Ciri's defense. Geralt thus asked the Emhyr to lend him his captive sorceress. Though Fringilla was a suspected traitor, Emhyr agreed.
Geralt overcame countless obstacles and found the Sunstone - a feat which, to give credit where it's due, would have been impossible without the help of Philippa Eilhart. Everyone knew what this meant: the preparations for the great battle against the Wild Hunt had come to an end, and what would follow their activation of the Sunstone would determine the fate of the world.


  • Ask Crach where Ermion is
  • Talk to Ermion
  • Defeat Lugos' men
  • Talk to Ermion outside of Madman Lugos' territory
  • The next two objectives are mutually exclusive:
    • Talk to the bard known as Eyvind (Note: This involves 2 timed decisions)
    • Find and talk to the pearl diver
  • Talk to Yennefer (5 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level)
  • Meet Philippa in the elven ruins
  • Explore the elven ruins with Philippa Eilhart
  • Exterminate the monsters
  • Explore the elven ruins with Philippa Eilhart
  • Set up the mirror system properly
  • Examine the Sunstone 25 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level