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Secondary quest
"The Taxman Cometh"
Tw3 hos the taxman cometh.jpg
Secondary quest
Hearts of Stone
Suggested level
Oxenfurt, north-northwest of The Alchemy on the main market square
Gaunter O'Dimm
?? XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / ?? crown(s)
Open Sesame! Witcher Seasonings

The Taxman Cometh is a quest in the Hearts of Stone expansion. In this quest, Geralt may well be stopped by a tax collector on the Oxenfurt main square while trying to investigate Open Sesame! Witcher Seasonings.

The tax collector, Walthemor Mitty, will stand on the square near some merchants, but may not react if Geralt has not recently earned larger sums of gold. If he has, the tax collector will ask him a number of questions and if the correct answers are received, award the witcher a Taxpayer in Good Standing Diploma, if not, he receives a Summons to payment.

Journal entry[]

Though he carried several pounds of silver on his back at all times, Geralt was usually quite coin-poor. Quality witcher gear costs a fortune, the rewards for his contracts were often meager and he often found it hard to resist splurging on rare gwent cards.
Just when, despite all these obstacles, he'd managed to put together something of a nest egg... the tax office turned its greedy gaze on him!
Geralt is helpful, but bends the truth about his means of income slightly:
Geralt patiently explained to the tax collector that he had made his modest fortune honestly, without breaking any of the tax codes numerous rules. Deputy Tax Enumerator Walthemor Mitty was so impressed by this honesty he awarded the witcher a commemorative vellum diploma. He advised Geralt to hang it somewhere at Kaer Morhen – above the mantle, if possible.
Geralt uses Axii on the tax collector:
Geralt evaded the tax man without much difficulty, however – he muddled Deputy Tax Enumerator Walthemor Mitty's mind and sent him off into the wilds. A shame us mere mortals have no such means at our disposal!
Geralt is too truthful about his means of income:
The audit ended with Geralt receiving a summons for the payment of back taxes. A rather unpleasant turn of events, but what could Geralt do? Fighting the Wild Hunt's one thing, but taking on the tax office... that could get him in real trouble.
The witcher thus made his way to the Vivaldi Bank's Novigrad branch and paid every crown of his tax arrears. This lightened his coin pouch considerably and put him in a foul mood, but at least he could rest assured the tax office was now off his back.


  • Even though the above situation did trigger the quest, this could not yet be reproduced. E.g. owning over 100K crown(s) does not trigger it.