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The Wisdom of the Prophet Lebioda details the prophet's musings on philosophy and morality. The queen of Kovir and Poviss, Zuleyka, was especially fond of quoting this particular text.


Verily do I tell you that whoever believes in dreams is as one trying to catch the wind of seize a shadow. He is deluded by a beguiling picture, a warped looking glass, which lies or utters absurdities in the manner of a woman in labour. Foolish indeed is he who lends credence to dreams and treads the path of delusion.

    Nonetheless, whoever disdains and does not believe them at all also acts unwisely. For if dreams had no import whatsoever why, then, would the Gods, in creating us, give us the ability to dream?

The Wisdom of the Prophet Lebioda, 34:1
— pg(s). 11, The Lady of the Lake (UK edition)

In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings[]

The Good Book
Tw2 item book.png
Book. Contains the wisdom of the prophet Lebioda
Price to buy
5164 oren(s)
Price to sell
4 oren(s)
weight 0

The Good Book is the in-game version of the same book.

Glossary entry[]

Once a disciple of his said to the prophet Lebioda: "Teach me, master, how should I proceed? My neighbor desires my favorite dog. Should I give him my dog, my heart shall break from grief. Yet should I deny him the dog, I shall be unhappy, for I shall harm my neighbor with my refusal. What should I do?"