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In The Witcher 2, bombs are prepared for use by putting them in the pocket slots (or quickslots) in the inventory panel.

Image Name Ingredients Effect
Samum Samum 2 Aether Rebis Stuns and immobilizes all enemies in range.
Grapeshot Grapeshot 2 Rebis Caelum After detonating wounds all enemies in range with shrapnel.
Devil's puffball Devil's puffball 2 Caelum Quebrith Releases a cloud of poison gas.
Dancing star Dancing star 2 Vitriol Aether Explodes with fire and wounds enemies.
Dragon's dream Dragon's dream 2 Aether Vermilion Releases a cloud of flammable gas.
Zerrikanian sun Zerrikanian sun 2 Rebis Vitriol Blinds and immobilizes all enemies in range.
Flare Flare 2 Vermilion Caelum Illuminates the surrounding area when detonated.
Stenchbulb Stenchbulb 2 Hydragenum Aether Releases a foul-smelling cloud that decreases the statistics of all enemies within it.
Red haze Red haze 3 Aether Caelum Hydragenum Releases a cloud of psychoactive gas.