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The Character attributes panel provides information on Geralt's current state in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The information given includes:

Level – Displays Geralt's current level (up to a maximum of 35), as well as the number of currently available talents and his progress in the current range of experience points to the next level.

Character abilities Character abilities[]

Damage Damage How much damage Geralt can inflict given his current weapon, given as a range.
Armor Armor How much protection his current armor and weapon bonuses provide.
Vitality Vitality His maximum level of vitality, with additional information about vitality regeneration inside and outside of combat.
Vigor Vigor His maximum level of vigor, with additional information about vigor regeneration inside and outside of combat as well as with raised toxicity. The maximum level of Vigor is 9 with all the related skills suitably upgraded and wearing the Armor of Ysgith, having used a Maribor Forest potion and wielding the Forgotten Vran Sword. Note, however, that the game will display only 8 bars representing the 9 Vigor levels, and the circle will be empty rather than showing a #9 character (nonagon). Still, you can cast Quen and see that now the circle will show the octagon square with all bars filled, meaning, you have 9 Vigor levels (one used for the Quen.)
Resistance List of active resistances and level of damage reduction.
Critical effects List of active critical effects.
Bonus List of active bonuses.

Knowledge Knowledge[]

Geralt's current knowledge about various monsters. The entries here are obtained via defeating a certain number of monsters or via reading a book on the monsters.

Abilities Abilities[]

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

Geralt can learn several abilities by performing specific actions and interacting with various NPCs in specific ways. Axii sign hex, Intimidation, and Persuasion all have three levels; all other Abilities have only one. These abilities and how to acquire them are listed below:

Ability name Effect Means of acquisition Phase
Damage dealt by attacking from behind: +25% During the quests, next to the closed gate behind the ballista, Geralt gains Assassin by looking at and commenting on a corpse dressed in white next to a haystack, which looks like a failed attempt of Leap of Faith from Assassin's Creed. Prologue - At the Fore and Barricade (quest)
Geralt can carry more items. Total Capacity: +50. Sparing Aryan La Valette and helping him escape the Dungeons of La Valette Castle, awarded upon exiting Prologue - At the Fore and The Dungeons of the La Valettes
Critical effect chance: incineration +20%. (It adds 20% of your actual incineration percentage, i.e. if you are wielding a sword with 2 fire runes which give you a 20% chance of incineration, with this ability you will make that 24% in total) Receiving a certain amount of damage by being set on fire - Setting Geralt ablaze by walking into a campfire; can be earned in Foltest's camp during the Prologue, where there is a Circle of Power which grants +2 Vitality regeneration and near it is a camp fire: May use the Circle of Power, set ablaze, use Quen to extinguish and regenerate very fast and repeat. Any time
Allows the use of the Axii sign during conversations to obtain information or other benefits. Improving 1 Level by a successful Axii Hex during specific conversations, up to Level 3 Any time
Signs damage: +3. Using the Axii Hex the first time during a conversation Any time
Allows the use of intimidation during conversations in order to obtain information or other benefits. Improving 1 Level by a successful intimidation during specific conversations, up to Level 3 Any time
Allows the use of persuasion during conversations in order to obtain information or other benefits. Improving 1 Level by a successful persuasion during specific conversations, up to Level 3 Any time
Chance of avoiding damage dealt by traps and bombs 50% Interrupting Geralt with the medallion while he is in the process of disarming a Snare (possibly other traps too) Any time
Chance of instant kill with a redirected arrow: 20%. Redirecting approximately 10 arrows back at NPCs. After unlocking Arrow Redirection from the Training tree
Chance of automatic riposte after blocking a blow: 10%. Using Riposte a certain number of times. After unlocking Riposte from the Swordsmanship tree
Damage reduction: +10%. Staying under Triss' butterfly spell without exiting during the quest, or sneaking up to the first two guards in Loredo's residence while looking for the Iron frame, and knocking them out. Chapter I, A Rough Landing or Indecent Proposal
+10% Bonus to Experience Earned Destroy 10 different training dummies: There are 5 in Foltest's camp during the Prologue, 2 by the market exit of Flotsam, 2 by the non-human exit, 2 in Loredo's residence (unusable since you need to drop weapons before going in), 2 upstairs in the guard house off the square in Flotsam (guards would become hostile if it takes too long; but it should be fine if the sword is sheathed after destroying 1 dummy, and then the next after seeing them calmed down (even combat music might play)), 2 in the Temerian Quarter and 2 in the Order's camp in Chapter III. Prologue and Chapter I, Or Chapter III
+1% to Instant Kill Chance Killing Aryan La Valette, Adam Pangratt and letting Roche kill Henselt Prologue and Chapter II - Roche's path - At the Fore and The Siege of Vergen
Damage dealt by throwing knives: +5. Defeating Ves in a knife-throwing contest during the party (Dagger Throwing on the Training tree not required for obtaining the skill, but required to utilise it Chapter I - Hung Over
Changes Quen Sign into the glowing and fiery Solar Quen, which adds a 10% chance of incinerating opponents who strike Geralt when he is protected by this Sign. Using the summer shrine near the Bandit hideout, which was beyond the Ruined bridge (Flotsam) (see video) Chapter I
Opponents that damage Geralt may be poisoned if Geralt is using potions. Chance of poisoning 30%. Poisoning self with a Devil's Puffball, should strip self of armour and trousers to avoid having a resistance to poison After acquiring Formula: Devil's Puffball
-20% to price of items in shops. Convincing the merchant to double the fee by using the Axii Hex, ability gained after defeating the kayran and picking up payment. Alternatively, on Roche's Path in chapter 2 by successfully haggling in front of the prostitutes' tent. Chapter I - The Kayran: A Matter of Price
Resistance to critical effect: poisoning: +10%. Drinking Mongoose and defeating the kayran Chapter I - The Kayran and The Kayran: Ostmurk
Damage reduction in case of magical attacks: +20% ((Adds 20% of your current magic resistance, i.e. if you are wearing a set of armor that provides a 15% reduction in damage from magic, this ability brings the overall total to 18%)) Not proposing Triss for an intimate moment in Ruined elven baths and casting Aard to open the way out Chapter I - The Rose of Remembrance
Damage against all spectres and wraiths: +10%. Completing the quest Chapter II - Roche's path - The Blood Curse
Damage caused during sword fights: +4. Defending King Henselt from the two assassins Chapter II - Roche's path - Faith Symbolized after The Blood Curse
Damage dealt to opponents much bigger than Geralt: +10% Kill the golem in the kingslayers' hideout Chapter II - Roche's path - The Assassins of Kings, after The Blood Curse
Damage against humans: +10%. Examining the body in the catacombs during the quest Chapter II - Iorveth's path - With Flickering Heart
Damage against harpies: +10%. Completing the contract Chapter II - Iorveth's path - The Harpy Contract
Vitality regeneration at night: +2. Sneaking through the lower camp undetected Chapter II - Iorveth's path - Where is Triss Merigold?
Changes Aard Sign into the freezing Ice Aard, which adds a 20% chance of freezing opponents hit with the Sign. Awarded when visiting the winter shrine outside Loc Muinne; note: if on Iorveth's path, after sneaking into the city there's no peaceful way to go outside again and therefore it is best doing it before climbing the final wall into the city Chapter III
  • any time on Roche's path; but
  • on Iorveth's path, before climbing into the wall of Loc Muinne (beyond the cave)
Intensity of all Signs: +0.5. Completing the contract Chapter III - The Gargoyle Contract
Vigor regeneration when fighting +5% Cannot be obtained -
Resistance to all critical effects +10% Cannot be obtained -
Regeneration of vitality when not fighting +20% Cannot be obtained -
Vitality +20 Cannot be obtained -
Chance of all critical effects +5%. Cannot be obtained -


These abilities, except Precision are found to have been referenced in the scripts of related quests. They were supposed to be given to the player but a wrong function call was written. It is unclear whether this was a mistake by the programmers or the studio has decided to balance out the game by making these skills unavailable.


  • The above are given as of The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition. The potential misses and fixes have been discussed by a post titled "Broken story abilities (Half-Pirouette etc) fixing" which was started by menyalin, 8 Jan 2016, in the Nexus Forums of the Witcher 2.
  • Battle Seasoned is reported to be overpowered due to a scripting mistake. A variable mult was set to false but it should have been true, as suggested by the author of the above post. From the looks of the code, it seems to grant Geralt an extremely fast Vigor regeneration.
    • If by the default it takes 10 seconds to regenerate 1 Vigor, this code makes it take 1 second to generate 1.05 Vigor. But the intended behaviour should have been that it would take 9.52 seconds to restore 1 Vigor (improve existing rate by 5% instead of adding 1.05 Vigor/s on top of the existing rate)