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The potions in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings are different from The Witcher. They can no longer be consumed at any time and will last for a far shorter time than before.

To drink a potion, you must first enter the Meditate menu (not available during combat) and select the Drink Potion option. You can then select up to 3 potions to consume (4 if the Taster skill has been activated). The toxicity of selected potions cannot exceed 100 (the toxicity bar will turn orange and the potions will not be drunk). After exiting the meditation menu, the potions are immediately in effect. They are best to be consumed just before a fight.

Image Name Ingredients Effect Duration Toxicity
Cat 3 Aether Vermilion Hydragenum Allows seeing in total darkness and through walls. Decreases damage dealt. 5 min 25 1 Yes
Healing brew
Healing brew 4Rebis Vitriol Aether Caelum Accelerates vitality regeneration 10 min 25 1 Yes
Gadwall 5Rebis Vermilion Caelum Sol Aether Increases vitality regeneration at the expense of vigor and damage dealt. 10 min 40 1 Yes
Tawny owl
Tawny owl 4 Vitriol Vermilion Quebrith Fulgur Increases vigor regeneration. 10 min 25 1 Yes
Wolf 3Rebis Aether Hydragenum Increases chance of causing critical effects, for Igni incineration and for Aard knockdown. 10 min 25 1 Yes
Rook 3Vitriol Vermilion Hydragenum Increases sword damage. 10 min 25 1 Yes
Swallow 3Vitriol Aether Caelum Increases vitality regeneration. 10 min 25 1 Yes
Golden oriole
Golden oriole 3Rebis Vermilion Caelum Increases all resistances. 10 min 25 1 Yes
Tiara 3Hydragenum Aether Quebrith Decreases vigor loss when blocking at the expense of vitality and damage dealt. 10 min 40 1 Yes
Stammelford's philtre
Stammelford's philtre 4Vitriol Aether Hydragenum Fulgur Increases Sign power at the cost of vitality. 10 min 30 1 Yes
Maribor forest
Maribor forest 4Rebis Vermilion Caelum Sol Increases vigor at the expense of vitality and chance of causing critical effect. 10 min 40 1 Yes
Lapwing 4Rebis Aether Caelum Fulgur Considerably increases vigor regeneration at the expense of vitality and resistances. 10 min 40 1 Yes
Virga 3Vitriol Caelum Quebrith Increases damage reduction at the expense of resistances and chance of causing critical effects. 10 min 30 1 Yes
White Raffard's decoction
White Rafford's decoction 4Vitriol Vermilion Hydragenum Sol Increases vitality at the expense of damage dealt. 10 min 50 1 Yes
Brock Brock 4Vitriol Aether Quebrith Caelum Significantly increase chance of causing critical effects while reducing all resistances. 10 min 50 1 Yes
Petri's philtre
Petri's philtre 3Rebis Aether Quebrith Increases Sign damage. 10 min 50 1 Yes
Thunderbolt 4Quebrith Quebrith Hydragenum Hydragenum Significantly increases damage dealt at the expense of Vitality and its regeneration. 10 min 50 1 Yes
Mongoose 3Rebis Aether Fulgur Provides protection from the Kayran's toxic mucus. 10 min 25 1 Yes
Visionary's potion
Visionary's potion unknown Increases Vigor and Vitality regeneration, and induces visions. 5 min 50 0 No
Anabolic steroids
Anabolic steroids unknown Allows Geralt to defeat the Mighty Numa at arm wrestling 2 min 50 0 No