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Contracts are generally obtained by reading notices on the various notice boards.

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Quest Location(s) Region(s) Source Suggested level Related quests
Big Game Hunter The Chuchote Cave, and the region west-southwest of it. Toussaint Notice board outside The Cockatrice Inn. 37
Contract: An Elusive Thief Novigrad Novigrad Notice board / Sylvester Amello 13
Contract: Bovine Blues Ardaiso Quarry
Fort Ussar Ruins
Prophet Lebioda Statue
Toussaint Notice board in Flovive / Foreman 38 Big Feet to Fill
Contract: Deadly Delights Novigrad Novigrad Notice board near The Golden Sturgeon 15
Contract: Devil by the Well Abandoned Village White Orchard Notice board in White Orchard village / Odolan 2 (NG+: 32)
Contract: Doors Slamming Shut Novigrad
Moldavie Residence
Novigrad Notice board / Kurt Dysart 24
Contract: Dragon Fyresdal / Ard Skellig Skellige Notice board in Fyresdal / Vagn 28
Contract: Here Comes the Groom Spikeroog Skellige Notice board in Svorlag 19
Contract: Jenny o' the Woods Midcopse Velen Notice board in Midcopse / Bolko 10
Contract: Lord of the Wood Cunny of the Goose
Forests near Logger's Hut
Novigrad Notice board / Brean Hotsch 25
Contract: Missing Brother Mine southwest of the Border Post Velen Notice board / Bruno 33
Contract: Missing Miners Blandare
Miners' Camp
Skellige Notice board in Blandare / Gjarr 27
Contract: Missing Son Rannvaig Skellige Notice board in Rannvaig / Odhen 29 Inheritance
Contract: Muire D'yaeblen Kaer Trolde Skellige Notice board in Kaer Trolde harbor / Bjorg 18
Contract: Mysterious Tracks Lindenvale Velen Notice board in Lindenvale 20
Contract: Patrol Gone Missing Northwest of the Nilfgaardian Army Group 'Center' Camp Velen Notice board / Quartermaster Eggebracht 7
Contract: Phantom of the Trade Route Area around Benek Velen Refugee in Benek 23
Contract: Shrieker Burned Ruins (Cave north of Crow's Perch) Velen Notice board in Crow's Perch / Chet 8 Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 1
Contract: Skellige's Most Wanted Fyresdal Skellige Notice on the noticeboard in Fyresdal or speaking to a "Skelliger" in the village 29
Contract: Strange Beast Larvik / Hindarsfjall Skellige Notice board in Larvik 16
Contract: Swamp Thing Crookback Bog Velen Notice board in Downwarren / Leslav 12
Contract: The Apiarian Phantom Honeyfill Meadworks Novigrad Notice board in Yantra / Holofernus Meiersdorf 14
Contract: The Beast of Honorton Oreton
Velen Notice board in Oreton 25 Where the Cat and Wolf Play...
Contract: The Creature From The Oxenfurt Forest Oxenfurt Novigrad Notice board / Hans of Cidaris 35
Contract: The Griffin from the Highlands North of Crow's Perch Velen Notice board in Crow's Perch / Quartermaster 24 Master Armorers
Contract: The Merry Widow Lindenvale cemetery Velen Notice board in Lindenvale / Gravedigger 10
Contract: The Mystery of the Byways Murders Byways Velen Notice board in Oreton / Milan Noran 22
Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk Oxenfurt Novigrad Notice board in Oxenfurt / Nikolas Friedman 26
Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg Ard Skellig Skellige Madman Lugos or Notice board in Arinbjorn / Jorund 17 Stranger in a Strange Land
Contract: The Tufo Monster Tufo Vineyard, Owl Eye Grottos Toussaint Notice board in Flovive. 48
Contract: The White Lady Farcorners
Drahim Castle
Novigrad Notice board / Helma / Finding evidence of a whirlwind on the roof of Drahim Castle 16
Contract: Woodland Beast Border Post
Bandit camp northwest of the Inn at the Crossroads
Velen Notice board near the Border Post 6
Equine Phantoms Pinastri's Hermitage
Mont Crane Cemetery
Toussaint Pinastri in front of her hut. 44
Feet as Cold as Ice Northeast of Rioux-Cannes Outpost. Toussaint 45
In Wolf's Clothing Hindarsfjall Skellige Notice board in Larvik 15
In the Heart of the Woods Fayrlund Skellige Notice board / Sven 22