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Note: This article concerns only the original computer game.

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General Information[]

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This page contains links to chapter-specific lists of items you should try to have in your inventory to complete all the quests in the game, whether or not you can get experience by doing them.

At the beginning of each chapter, before you do anything else, have a quick "whip-round" the area. Enter every single building you can enter and open every single container. Take as much stuff as you can carry and sell whatever you do not need (check the lists below for the stuff you need). While you are loaded up with potential gift items, try talking to as many NPCs as you can find, but always begin with the most minor character. Many of them will give you information in exchange for gifts or money. This helps shed inventory as well.

If you begin speaking to the main characters too soon, you may advance the plot prematurely and miss out on an opportunity to get something for free, or just get "some". It is always a good idea to keep a close eye on your journal entries. They really are useful and often tell you what to do next, particularly if you read each phase entry for each quest as you get them.

Printable version[]

You can print out your own abbreviated shopping list. Here it is in PDF format: Shopping_List.pdf (241 KB). That list is not sorted by chapters. It also does not contain the detail of the individual lists linked above, but it does cut down on the amount of scribbling you have to do.