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Outskirts of Vizima

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

Unofficial Quests[]

food Food items Lots of food items to bribe old women for information on the local herbs and monster tales. This should be done as early as possible, if saving money is an issue as all the information (Ingredients entries and Bestiary entries) from a few books can be obtained this way. One specific old woman wandering near the village temple will trade you Beuclair White wine for pork.
white gull White Gull White Gull for one old woman who wants it for her dying son. She gives Geralt an Eternal Fire signet ring for it.
daisies Daisies Daisies for woman in white for which she will give Geralt tulips (tulips can also be found on the corpse near the fence on the east side of the road leading to the southern cave in the Outskirts).
tulips Tulips Tulips for woman in yellow for a rendezvous.
beer Beer Seven (7) beers for the drinking contest with Zoltan Chivay. He gives Geralt a diamond for beating him, keep it for Chapter III.
beer Beer Five (5) beers for the drinking contest with drunkard at the Inn. He gives Geralt a book (Taking this rewards negates the reward for drinking contest with Yamo Ryeboozer in Chapter II).

Official Quests[]

white myrtle White myrtle Of Monsters and Men. Five (5) white myrtle petals for Abigail.
wine Wine She's No Early Bird. Expensive wine (any colour) for rendezvous with Vesna.
barghest skulls Barghest skull The Barghest Contract. Ten (10) barghest skulls for Abigail.
drowner brains Drowner brains The Drowner Contract. Three (3) drowner brains for the Reverend.
ghoul blood Ghoul blood The Ghoul Contract. Three (3) vials of ghoul blood for Kalkstein.

Preparation for Quests in Later Chapters[]

celandine Celandine Start gathering celandine for Shani in Chapter II, you will need five.
diamond Diamond Keep the diamond you get from the drinking contest with Zoltan for use in Chapter III.
dog tallow Dog tallow It is occasionally possible to find dog tallow in Chapter I, on the corpse of a Salamandra or in the remains of dogs, provided that Geralt has read The Book of Animals. This is useful in Chapter II in The Dogcatcher of Vizima quest, you will need six.
echinops rootstocks Echinops rootstock Keep three Echinops rootstocks for the Gardener at St. Lebioda's Hospital in Chapter II. You can get the Bestiary entry for Echinopsae by bribing old women.
beggartick Beggartick If Geralt kills the Scoia'tael who come for Haren Brogg's crates, keep the 4 beggartick blossoms that are found on one of the corpses, they can be used for the Flowers and Gold quest in Chapter II.
red meteorite Red Meteorite Keep the red meteorite found in the remains of Leo's ghost when you bury Leuvaarden's friend. There is also a piece of red meteorite in one of the chests in the crypt with Ozzrel. It can be used for a meteorite sword, or in exchange for some scrolls in Chapter III from the alchemist at the workshop.
barghest skull Barghest skull Keep a barghest skull for the dentist in Chapter III. You will not encounter barghests later in the game.
death dust Death dust Start collecting vials of death dust for the Wraith Contract in Chapter V, you will need four.
ghoul blood Ghoul blood Start collecting vials of ghoul's blood for Velerad's Ghoul Contract in Chapter III, you will need twelve.
Significant plot details end here.