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Trade Quarter of Vizima

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

Unofficial Quests[]

red gloves Red gloves Red gloves for waitress at The New Narakort. She gives Geralt the recipe for Wives' Tears. (If you need a free pair, look in the laundry basket in Lebioda's hospital. There is a pair of red gloves inside for both Chapter II and Chapter III.)
kikimore claw Kikimore claw A kikimore claw for noblewoman (her outfit has orange trim) for a rendezvous.
silver amber ring silver ruby ring Ring A Silver amber ring (for Shani) or Silver ruby ring (for Triss), which leads to a second tryst with whichever one he chooses.
diamond Diamond A diamond for town clerk for another rendezvous.
ruby A precious stone Another gem for the swordsmith in the market (if Geralt does not yet have a decent meteorite sword).
medium strength alcohol Medium strength alcohol Five (5) sodden mead, or any medium strength alcohol, (and some Wives' Tears) for drinking contest with Erkin von Blunt (the knight who has taken a vow of silence). He gives Geralt the House of the Night signet ring.
candy sugardoll Candy If Geralt leaves Alvin with Shani, some candy or a sugardoll is helpful to have around in case he demands candy (he does not always) as Shani wants him to "bond" with Alvin. If Geralt chooses Triss, this is unnecessary as Triss is more of a disciplinarian.

Official Quests[]

vodka Strong alcohol A Posh Reception. Strong alcohol (vodka or rye) for loosening Velerad's tongue at the reception.
fool's parsley Fools's parsley Beauty and the Beast. Five (5) leaves of fool's parsley for lycanthropy cure #1.
sapphire Sapphire Blue Eyes. A sapphire for the Blue-eyed lass for her services, or pay 500 oren(s) without the ring, or pay 300 oren(s) with the ring (you can find one for free in a wardrobe, on the 2nd floor, non-human barracks in Temple Quarter in Chapter III).
beer Beer Dandelion's Lute. Seven (7) beers for the drinking contest with Dandelion to get the details necessary to find his missing lute.
archespore juice Archespore juice The Archespore Contract. Three (3) vials of archespore juice for Jethro.
cockatrice feather Cockatrice feathers The Cockatrice Contract. Five (5) cockatrice feathers for the town scribe.
fleder fangs Fleder fangs The Fleder Contract. Three (3) fleder fangs for Velerad.
ghoul blood Ghoul blood The Ghoul Contract. Twelve (12) vials of ghoul's blood for Velerad.
graveir bones Graveir bones The Graveir Contract. Five (5) graveir bones for Velerad.
kikimore claws Kikimore claws The Kikimore Contract. Ten (10) kikimore claws for Velerad.
wyvern meat Wyvern steaks The Wyvern Contract. Three (3) wyvern steaks for the Innkeeper at The New Narakort.

Preparation for Quests in Later Chapters[]

alp fangs Alp fangs This is the chapter where you first encounter Alps. Keep some fangs for The Alp Contract in Chapter IV and one for the dentist in Won't Hurt a Bit.
cemetaur jaw Cemetaur jaw This is the chapter where you first encounter Cemetaurs. Keep some jaws for The Cemetaur Contract in Chapter V and one for the dentist in Won't Hurt a Bit.
wyvern eggs Wyvern eggs Keep the first three wyvern eggs you find for use in Chapter IV, The Royal Wyvern Contract.
Significant plot details end here.