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Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

Battle Preparation[]

There really is no shopping list for the Epilogue. By then, Geralt has everything he needs, or he finds it during the Chapter, there is nothing left to prepare for except battle. You could say it would be a good idea to have the following items on hand to be truly prepared for the final battle:

Willow Willow For knockdown resistance.
Full Moon. Full Moon To double Vitality.
Maribor Forest Maribor Forest To double Endurance.
Swallow Swallow Why go into battle unprepared?
Hanged man's venom Hanged man's venom For Geralt's steel sword.
Argentia Argentia For Geralt's silver sword.

Zeugl's Vigor supplies[]

Geralt will fight a boss monster, the Zeugl, during the Epilogue. Consider bringing the other supplies he will need to make the special potion, Zeugl's Vigor, from the monster's remains.

This is not strictly necessary as upon exiting the zeugl's nest, all the ingredients and potion bases required can be found on a corpse.

Significant plot details end here.